Maximise business impact by doing Cloud Right with DXC


DXC’s Cloud Right™ helps customers make the right technology investments at the right time and on the right platforms. By maximising returns on their technology investments, our customers are better able to drive innovation, increase customer loyalty, and grow their businesses

When cloud is done right, it can provide up to three times the return on investment and faster business results, with less cost, risk and disruption. DXC helps customers make the right decisions about what applications to modernise to cloud and when, maximising use of data, and ensuring security by design. We manage and optimise existing investments to ensure best use of on-premises, private, and public cloud environments to achieve their business objectives.

At DXC, we understand the role cloud plays in mission-critical IT because we manage IT environments for many of the world’s largest companies. Our cloud migration services move more than 65,000 workloads to cloud each year. We’ve modernised hundreds of mainframe systems and have transformed 15,000+ applications to cloud. 

Our customers continue to choose DXC as the right partner to design, build, run, and optimise their modern IT environments. DXC—the right partner to do cloud right.

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