DXC Wine Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

March 28, 2019

Vintners are challenged with crafting quality wine while managing production, manufacturing and distribution. Our integrated, end-to-end wine management solutions are designed to handle every aspect of your wine business from viticulture through winemaking, finance, inventory management and sales to customer relationship management. Built on Microsoft technology, our solutions offer enhanced functionality enabling you to run your business more efficiently and increase productivity.


Flexible system design and functionality to fit your business, DXC Wine Management can adapt to your business to meet your own, unique business requirements including functionality for: 

• Financials 

• Supply chain management 

• Bottling 

• Product traceability and lot tracking 

• Inventory management and procurement 

• E-commerce 

• Customer relationship management 

• Warehouse management 

• Wine allocations 

• Pricing and discount management 

• Vineyard management 

• Compliance. 

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