Here’s how DXC can get your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation up and running faster

June 12, 2023 Jeff Felice

Our Microsoft practice has four key pillars that guide our approach to improving customer enterprise applications – Simplify, Modernise, Accelerate and Reimagine.

We use these principles to rethink enterprise applications and deliver solutions that help you transform your business. 

As customer expectations and technology evolve at an unprecedented pace, the need to build scale, speed and agility within a business is becoming a priority.

DXC Technology has developed a tool kit to help customers accelerate their Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations and achieve faster time to value. These include over 20 different industry accelerators, implementation templates, the Evolve methodology and the use of Microsoft’s Power Platform – a tool that lets end users quickly create working apps with low or no code development.

Our accelerators are an excellent way for customers to get most of the functionality they need in double-quick time. We achieve this by leveraging  code we have written for previous projects that required similar functionality. The benefit for each customer is that they quickly get a solution up and running that they can see working and has a proven track record—they don’t have to bear the time and costs of having their solution built from scratch.

Once the accelerator is installed, we can then modify it to ensure a 100% match to the customer’s particular requirements. Essentially, the customer is buying our code at a point in time. If the accelerator needs to be modified in the future—because Microsoft has changed the core Dynamics 365 product—they can contact us again to update it.

DXC is currently using this approach with customers in the aged and disability care sector. As more of these organisations implement core Dynamics 365 solutions to integrate and simplify their operations, they often require extra functionality to better manage government funding allocations or enhance their client management capabilities. As a result, we have provided our care services accelerator to several providers, reducing the time it takes for them to see real improvements in operational efficiency.

DXC is also an expert at deploying Microsoft’s Power Platform, allowing users to bypass some barriers to get applications up and running quickly. Power Platform is the perfect tool for organisations to furnish users with the last 10 per cent of functionality they need, which isn’t offered in their core ERP implementation. 

Users can develop applications using the Power Platform without requiring complex documentation or waiting for someone else to develop it for them. For example, DXC recently achieved an excellent result for a restaurant chain customer previously hindered by complex structures and time-consuming manual workflows. Their finance team found it difficult to manage financial/regulatory reporting and compliance commitments effectively but solved the issue by implementing the Power Platform. It automated finance and compliance workflows, enhanced existing processes, and accelerated the ability to access, update and create a single view of data.

Another way we help customers obtain better time to value is through our Evolve implementation methodology templates. We have a compendium of around 50 templates that leverage IP previously  developed to simplify the governance of  an implementation.

DXC's Evolve methodology ensures low risk, predictable results with fast ramp-up and enhanced collaboration.

From simple change requests to complex user acceptance standards, we have  many essential documents with pre-populated information to ensure customers manage the implementation correctly without needing to start each one from scratch.Similarly, we have a library of best practice business processes explained in business rather than technical language. It gives users who may have never encountered Dynamics 365 instant insight into its standard functions, freeing up more time to consider the gaps rather than out-of-the-box functions. This catalogue is developed within Microsoft DevOps, allowing it to be shared, updated and enhanced by all involved during the project as well as after go-live. 

DXC not only aims to help customers accelerate their implementations, but we also help them reimagine exactly what solutions they need. As an experienced and trusted Microsoft partner, we can give customers an insight into where Microsoft is heading, leveraging the latest functionality, and ensure their short-term needs don’t limit their long-term aspirations. 

With over 20 years implementing Microsoft Dynamics, DXC can provide a low risk, predictable and collaborative project with a fast ramp up. 

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