Transforming business every day with DXC Enterprise Applications Practices

April 12, 2022

Why DXC for Enterprise Applications 

When our customers want to transform, they turn to DXC Enterprise Applications Practices. We develop, integrate, implement and manage enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, ServiceNow and Salesforce.   ​​

Our customer engagement is based on the important focus areas that we know drive sustainable business improvement and maximise application value.​ These guiding principles transcend individual technologies and help us to rethink enterprise applications and deliver services and solutions that simplify, modernise, accelerate and reimagine your business transformation.  

The backbone of our practices are the many loyal, long-term employees who have built their careers within applications.​ Our customers benefit from this deep experience as well as access to our industry IP, process and technology accelerators.​ ​

Read our eBook as we showcase our customer success stories and demonstrate how DXC can support your business transformation.

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