Queensland Treasury Corporation transforms finance through data and cloud overhaul

September 8, 2021


Striving for operational excellence and mitigating risk by eliminating inefficiencies is part of Queensland Treasury Corporation’s DNA and were the driving factors for the organisation’s modernisation of its financial management system.

As part of an organisational transformation that began about six years ago, much of QTC’s operations had already transitioned to Microsoft platforms, but in 2019 the Finance team determined modernisation was needed. 

The organisation identified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance as the strongest contender to improve access to data and streamline and automate multiple processes — while laying the foundations for ongoing innovation.

Read Microsoft's case study with QTC to learn about their success.

“QTC’s clients benefit from improved delivery of information, as well as greater visibility of financial data that enables timely and accurate decision making.”

Jane Keating, Managing director — Finance, Data & Compliance, QTC

Have you heard about the Silent Revolution?
Have you heard about the Silent Revolution?

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