Understanding Rise with SAP and your path to successful business transformation

October 21, 2021 Julie Wakley

Business agility is essential. To survive, every type of business needs to identify a fast and effective path to achieving its digital goals — and avoiding business inertia.

Rise with SAP, is a business-transformation-as-a-service consumption model that aims to simplify the process for adopting automation and digitising services by bringing together existing SAP solutions including SAP S/4HANA in the cloud.

Undoubtedly Rise with SAP can help organisations get the most from their SAP applications and fulfil their transformation strategy requirements, with a simple commercial construct designed for enabling an agile, modern digital platform. But whether you are new to SAP or looking to modernise your current SAP ECC version the path forward varies.

Some companies are already digitally native but need solutions to scale and grow. Others have complex on-premises systems and are grappling with ERP architectures and custom applications that carry higher costs and hamper innovation.

Led by a team of seasoned SAP transformation architects, this on-demand Masterclass is designed to help give you a comprehensive and practical understanding of Rise with SAP and if it is the right consumption model for your business, and will explore;

  • What is Rise with SAP?
  • The business benefits: what is bundled for free in the consumption model and process improvements included.
  • When is Rise with SAP not suitable?
  • Advanced process and data modelling tools: The latest in automated, intelligent process mining and analysis tools available to Rise with SAP customers.
  • Access to business networks: How the model can enable seamless collaboration with trading partners to drive connected processes and experiences across assets, logistics and procurement.
  • The transition to Rise and the varied entry points
  • How does it apply to your current SAP version or to a Greenfields SAP companay
  • What’s the transition path? What roles do the vendor, solution integrator and customer all have?
  • A technical overview: The platform hosting options, features and pricing models
  • The technical transition path: considerations for your current SAP version whether a migration or Greenfields.
  • What roles do the vendor, hyperscaler, solution integrator and customer all have
  • Segregation of process flow tasks and who facilitates and owns these tasks
  • The automation tools and templates that can be leveraged for optimum efficiencies
  • Non-SAP component considerations.
  • Business as Usual (BAU) What will BAU post implementation look like?
  • Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CICD), the application management and support model, and ownership of tasks
  • Adopting Rise with SAP into a transformation strategy; how to prepare effectively, use cases and strategies from Rise with SAP early adopters and initial delivery insights.
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