ISG Quadrant Report: Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem Australia 'Sweet Spot' 2023

May 16, 2024

DXC Technology has been selected by ISG as in the 'Sweet Spot' for delivering Microsoft cloud services including Dynamics 365 business applications in 2023.

Microsoft is one of the most established technology providers in the world. It has a network of thousands of partners, to augment its capabilities to help enterprises in adopting its technologies.

How do you choose the right Microsoft cloud services partner to help digitally transform your enterprise with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Find out why ISG has selected DXC Technology for its ‘Sweet Spot’ in delivering across three core Microsoft cloud services: the Azure cloud platform; the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity experiences, which includes Windows 10 and 11 and Office 365; and the Dynamics 365 suite of business applications.

Partners are evaluated on their ability to drive the use of Microsoft cloud services.

To succeed, service providers must offer enterprises a robust set of services that are complemented by forward-thinking capabilities and backed by a strong relationship with Microsoft.

Providers should demonstrate a keen awareness of future developments in the Microsoft clouds and show an ability to drive innovation and client business opportunities using the Microsoft suite of products and services.

DXC is your local Australian partner to deliver Microsoft cloud services and Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications. 

Read this report to find out why.

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