Balancing agility and certainty

October 5, 2021


In the IT project management space, an ‘agile mindset’ may drive innovation, but it also risks failure without adequate planning and control. Whilst everyone has a slightly different view on what agile is, it is crucial to dedicate time to gaining alignment on requirements, business benefits and agreeing on the project’s approach and principles, which will pay dividends and encourage a clear commitment from all project stakeholders.

Read the point of view to discover the six essentials to a hybrid agile approach. 

"Reflecting on my experiences delivering past large-scale transformation projects, Agile has certainly become the preferred methodology to implement customer experience (CX) solutions but agility is not without it’s challenges."

- Conal Martin, CX Partner, SAP Practice, DXC New Zealand

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Spotlight enhances customer experience with SAP Commerce

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