How to choose the right ESM tooling for your enterprise?

May 13, 2024

With the right Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tooling, your organisation can transform employees’ experience.

From IT to HR and finance to marketing, your people spend a decent chunk of time interacting with different departments. And if they have slow, complex systems, minutes tick by and frustrations rise.

With proper ESM, that inefficiency dissapates. You increase operational efficiency, boost employee productivity, and provide a superior service experience, that aligns with your business goals, guaranteeing compliance and cost-efficiency.   

What to look for in ESM tooling 

As the head of IT, you want to deliver the best possible service experience for employees and customers. Think interconnected services, for seamless interactions.  
Your service users need to self-serve information, and access personalised service and assistance. ESM facilitates a single portal for that, serving each user via a digital flow, you enhance both experience and efficiency.

Choosing a tool for ESM: Key considerations

Selecting the right ESM tool starts with identifying your enterprise’s main issues — and critical success factors. Are you struggling with:

  • Inefficient processes? ESM can streamline processes to minimise inefficiencies, delays, and costs. 
  • Lack of integration in a maze-like, siloed IT landscape? The right ESM software will integrate your IT ecosystem, creating a one-stop service portal.
  • Poor user experience due to slow, frustrating interfaces? Choose an ESM tool with intuitive interfaces and processes.
  • Compliance and security issues costing time and causing stress? ESM can help you manage compliance and keep your data secure.
  • High IT management and maintenance costs? Opt for ESM software that will help reduce spend via automation and improved resource management.  

Questions to ask before choosing an ESM tool

ESM is more than tooling. It starts with people: Facilitating their workflows with an efficient, high-quality, one-stop service experience within your organisation.  

Ask yourself these questions

Determine the scope of your ESM project, how ready your organisation is for it, and your critical success factors:

  • How digitally mature is your organisation?
  • What are your priorities and project goals?
  • Are there any organisational or cultural factors that could inhibit your ESM project’s success?
  • Who are the key decision-makers involved, and how actively will they support ESM?
  • Can you build the right team internally to drive your ESM initiative?

Why we prefer ServiceNow for ESM

Years of experience have shown our consultants that ServiceNow is the best tool for ESM. ServiceNow can uplift service delivery through:

  • Building your first business service success for a line of business or department
  • Creating a small center of excellence to build core competencies
  • Powering service delivery across the enterprise to create speed and agility at scale
  • Standardising service quality at scale with built-in repeatability, reliability, and quality assurance

Want to know if ServiceNow is the best tool for your ESM journey?

At DXC, we don’t just deliver platform knowledge; we are a true partner for your ESM implementation and beyond. We can help you;

  • Analyse your current digital system landscape
  • Determine your ESM project’s scope, your organisational readiness, and critical success factors
  • Provide valuable insights to redefine work processes
  • Drive enhancements in revenue and reductions in cost
  • Provide insight into risk and compliance
  • Elevate employee and customer service experiences 

Is ServiceNow the best tool for you?

Digital platforms such as ServiceNow don’t mean you have to redesign your departments and organisational structures.

ServiceNow integrates and streamlines your existing processes into a digital counter (frontend), as well as the underlying flows to and between your departments and systems.

The ServiceNow platform unifies processes and breaks down silos between your teams, prioritising user experience in every interaction.

At DXC, we have years of experience bringing ESM to life for wide-ranging customers (particularly in finance and digital services). We will help you transform your business outcomes, harnessing all the capabilities and functionalities of your ServiceNow platform.  

To explore what ESM can do for your business contact us at to start a conversation.

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