Ten practical use cases for AI with ServiceNow

June 24, 2024

We are still feeling a little starry eyed from our recent trip to Las Vegas, and the annual global ServiceNow conference, Knowledge24. Not only from the bright lights of Vegas but the intense spotlight on Generative AI that was woven into every corner of the event. In his opening keynote ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott outlined the top ten ServiceNow use cases for AI adoption.

In this blog we will explore the practical application of AI with ServiceNow and how DXC will be leveraging these use cases to forge more business value for our customers.

By modernising work and business processes with the smarts of automation and AI, you start to uncover more effective and considered business experiences. In today’s highly competitive landscape where every customer and employee touchpoint counts, you can set your business aside by being easy to interact with and offering refreshingly frictionless and positive user experiences.

1. Supercharge productivity with Now Assist AI

How: Automate repetitive tasks to free up employee time. Now Assist AI integrates with existing workflows to enhance efficiency. The platforms machine learning capabilities will continuously improve productivity recommendations, so your data works harder for you and serves actionable insight, highlighting where business processes and performance can improve; from suggestions to where the pain points exist to automating resolutions to fix them.

Business Benefit: Boost operational efficiency and output. With staff, now up to 30% more available due to automation efficiency gains, focus can be applied to more strategic initiatives.

2. Predict and respond with ITOM AI operations

How: ServiceNow can provide rich, real-time insights into IT operations. Improve the reliability of your underlying systems and services by automating predictions and resolution of incidents before they impact your business.

Business Benefit: System downtime is minimised, ensuring continuous business operations. This creates a shift from firefighting to root cause analysis and ideation that allows the function of IT to become a business of more innovative digital delivery.

3. Serve your customer anywhere with Field Service Management

How: For field service, logistics and dispatch functions to operate in a frictionless and seamless manner, information needs to be readily accessible and in real-time. Outshine your competitors by driving a higher quality service at every touchpoint by using customer, environment, product or service intelligence to your advantage to deliver, every time.

Business Benefit: Servicing customers in a more accurate, consistent, faster and efficient manner will increase engagement, retention, advocacy and give you the competitive edge to ensure you increase market share.

4. Upskill and inspire with Employee Growth & Development

How: Hiring the right people will ensure your business can innovate, grow and outperform competitors. In a talent-tight market attracting the right people means you need a strong Employee Value Proposition, that commits to employee growth and development with well-defined career paths.

ServiceNow can also help your business encourage a culture of continuous learning by offering personalised learning paths and development programs with easy-to-use tools, enhanced by AI powered recommendations. Both the learner and their manager can track progress and access rich, actionable insights.

Business Benefit: User friendly and accessible smart learning paths that boost employee satisfaction and retention and uplifts skills while your organisation can map talent to business objectives and initiatives.

5. Build workflows everywhere with AppEngine Studio

How: Lift your workflows away from legacy systems and spreadsheets with custom designed and built applications that support efficient, agile processes and positive user experiences.

Business Benefit: Process bottlenecks are removed, and time-to-market for new services and products are accelerated.

6. Digitise your Operational Technology (OT)

How: Asset intense organisations with field management devices, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems or other Operational Technology (OT) systems that require comprehensive maintenance and monitoring will benefit by connecting and harmonising OT systems with IT for unified management processes and enhanced visibility and control.

Business Benefit. While the need for critical infrastructure separation makes sense to protect key business assets, having a system that maintains the separation and protection layers of information but also provides a view of systems and services together boosts efficiency but still minimises risk.

Reduced operational risk with a single system of action for your OT environment provides deeper visibility, better compliance, and reduced downtime.

7. Build multi-year roadmaps

How: When strategic business goals align with IT process, transformation happens. By providing a lens back to management on program planning, progress, and execution from each layer of the organisation, there is broad visibility and alignment on project progress and cycles of investment and demand can be effectively managed.

Business Benefit: Business roadmaps help to guide and facilitate more comprehensive program planning and delivery, tightly aligned to business objectives while maintaining accessibility and visibility for stakeholders. 

Investment costs across programs can be aligned, and opportunity costs of all demand can be viewed in one place. This results in ensuring continuous alignment and adjustment of plans based on progress and changing conditions.

8. Co-innovate industry solutions

By accessing both DXC and ServiceNow’s deep industry expertise we can help you address specific challenges in your vertical and find opportunity to innovate through collaborative development and shared expertise.

Business Benefit: Design considered and tailored workflows that are underpinned with automation to cater for to the unique nuances of your industry while also meeting compliance and regulatory standards.

9. Unlock the Next Experience

How: The Next Experience User Interface (UI) is supported by data-driven insights that serve personalised, intuitive, easy to navigate experiences designed to enhance engagement at all levels of your organisational ecosystem.

Business Benefits: Having your applications easily accessed and navigated across a single pane, with personalised suggestions will help your team to be more engaged and productive with minimal training required.

10: Uncover and modernise every business process

How: By automating a routine business task you not only tackle efficiency, but machine learning will continuously learn and highlight areas for improvement. Employees experience the gains first-hand and this creates an appetite for further process transformation. This shift in mindset seeks other ways to consolidate, simplify and the path to moving towards a unified platform for managing end-to-end business processes is paved.

Business Benefits: The more processes your business can consolidate, automate and simplify on a unified platform like ServiceNow, the greater the efficiency gains.

Set AI to work for your business

To find out more about how DXC can leverage ServiceNow powered by AI for your business to accelerate efficiencies email us at servicenow.apac@dxc.com. 

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