Michael Hill optimises inventory allocation and boosts sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

February 22, 2021

Big opportunities in one platform


Founded in New Zealand in 1979, Michael Hill is one of the largest high-end jewellers in the world. With close to 300 retail locations across Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the company has faithfully maintained exclusive, long-term relationships with its customers, some for more than 40 years. 

Australia-based Michael Hill has always recognised that a great in-store retail experience helps to drive customer loyalty, and the company wanted to increase efficiency in its shipping and warehousing processes to architect the retail experiences it envisioned.

To manage global store operations and deliver better customer experiences at scale, Michael Hill decided to replace its legacy retail operations platform with a platform that could deliver end-to-end multichannel capabilities and connected processes. 

“We are seeing economies of scale with the use of skills and talent across our singular platform on Dynamics 365, providing great confidence that these digital assets are being put to work for our business strategies.”

Matt Keays, Chief Information Officer, Michael Hill

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